With schools and the youth, we focus on enhancing leadership skills, empowerment, self-confidence, collaboration versus competition, fulfilling potential and acceptance of cultural and social differences. We believe that the teenage and early adult years in particular are often a time of self-discovery, confusion and emotional changes.

Team building and soft skills training assists in addressing these issues by encouraging young people to harness their emotions, attributes, abilities and potential and focus on the positive aspects of coping in a sometimes turbulent and changing world.

We also train the young in Emotional Intelligence to enhance their understanding of their emotions and how these affect them and those around them. People with high EI are often some of the most successful people in their fields as they have acquired the ability to manage their emotions and others.

This reduces conflict and encourages trust and communication and enables them to manage their relationships and personal lives more effectively. This in turn enables them to be comfortable and secure within their environments and to give and receive information more positively.