Our team building programs embrace all the above courses and more. Our programs are designed to build team cohesion over sustainable periods of time requiring the cooperation and commitment of management.

We apply experiential learning methods that directly engage participants in challenges mirroring issues faced in the workplace.This direct hands-on approach enables participants to absorb and retain positive, work enhancing and individual coping skills.

Each activity is followed by a debrief session during which the facilitator leads a discussion reviewing the group’s performance. This debrief session creates a safe platform for the participants to discover team dynamics, insights and solutions. Participants thereby develop a better understanding of how their individual behaviors impact the team as a whole.Assisted by a TMPL facilitator, participants agree on solutions that improve team performance and cross functional and individual communication.

Four to six weeks after the team building exercise, we conduct a follow up session with a few representatives randomly selected from the team by management.

This follow up is aimed at evaluating the progress of the team(s) and arising performance gaps (if any) subsequent to their completion of the program. Effective teamwork is the key to improved performance & the achievement of set objectives by any organisation.