Our Cultural Diversity course highlights the need to address and understand the positive attributes of diversity in the workplace. It focuses on understanding the cultural dispositions of Nigerians and other nationalities, how they may differ from those of the participants and assists in guiding the participants in aligning the organizations’ corporate culture and their expectations with the environment in ways that meet the acceptable standards of the organization.

Diversity training and the activities we do help to promote openness, compassion and critical thinking about gender, race, class, religion, politics, ability and nationality. We believe this will assist in enhancing understanding and a sense of unity – so imperative in any organization. This course aims to break barriers through cultural innovation. It is comprised of interactive discussions; talks given by an expatriate working in Nigeria and also by a Nigerian professional, video clips, and hands on activity based experiential learning exercises.

The session is highly interactive focusing on the following:

• Communication – bridging communication gaps created by cultural and individual differences
• Cultural Diversity – the importance/impact of diversity in the workplace and the need to recognize the positive aspects of it and use it for the betterment of the organization
• Personality Profiles – how one’s individual behaviour impacts the team, their response to the environment and ability to adapt to cultural changes.

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