Please find below brief descriptions of some of the Soft Skills courses we offer: We apply experiential learning methods that directly engage participants in challenges mirroring issues faced in the workplace. This direct hands-on approach enables participants to absorb and retain positive, work enhancing and individual coping skills. We focus on building self-esteem, trust and self respect and channeling emotions towards achieving positive goals. We assist in equipping participants with the soft skills necessary to cope with life’s challenges, both in the workplace and in their personal lives.

Conflict Management:

Training_1Conflict management is the short or long-term management process used to resolve issues. In most instances, conflicts between staff members and managers are silent.
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Emotional Intelligence:

Training_2Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to understand their own emotions, the emotions of others, and to act appropriately using these emotions.
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Customer service (Internal & External):

Training_3Meeting customer service needs is a key objective for every corporation. The importance of customer service cannot be overemphasized in any industry.
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Cultural Diversity:

Training_4Our Cultural Diversity course highlights the need to address and understand the positive attributes of diversity in the workplace.
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Relationship Management & Leadership Training:

Training_5 Managers run on systems within structures. Leaders do that and more. Leaders must be able to effectively deal with peoples’ emotions and feelings, delegate appropriately and lead rather than drive their staff. read more

Effective Communication Skills:

Training_6Communication involves sharing information, thoughts and feelings through speaking, writing or body language. Effective communication requires that the information is received and understood by someone in the way it was intended. read more

Attitude Skills:

Training_8 In attending this course, participants develop a heightened awareness and understanding of how to apply a positive approach and outlook to both their work and personal lives.
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Youth Empowerment Program:

Training_7 With schools and the youth, we focus on enhancing leadership skills, empowerment, self-confidence, collaboration versus competition, fulfilling potential and acceptance of cultural and social differences. read more

Train The Trainer:

Training_9 While facilitating can often be considered an art, the best facilitators are those who possess the innate qualities required to connect with people and transfer learning effectively.
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Soft Skills Application For Teachers:

Training_10 This course offers teachers training in Emotional Intelligence to enhance their understanding of both their students’ emotions and their own.
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Performance Management:

Training_11 Performance management requires the ability to adapt to and manage the constant changes in our environment. More and more we find that employees have a strong desire to feel a sense of ownership with a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities. read more

Team Building:

Training_11a Our team building programs embrace all the above courses and more. Our programs are designed to build team cohesion over sustainable periods of time requiring the cooperation and commitment of management. read more